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SIZE 700ml
STYLE Tequila
NOSE Vibrant. Grass,nutty, herb and agave notes.
PALATE Initial almond taste leading into citrus, cinnamon then a peppery warmth. Medium length, full of herbal touches.
ABV 40%
FOOD MATCHING GUIDE Citrus flavours best can complement tequila blanco/ silver. This includes lemon, lime, bitter orange, grapefruit, and even mango. Therefore, any food that works with citrus flavours, such as seafood or chicken, is suitable..Blanco pairs well with first courses. Dishes with acidity, like ceviche or chips with salsa. With blanco, the distiller highlights the flavours of the agave. A great introduction to a meal and isn’t overwhelming.
SUGGESTIONS Anchovy, black olive and sun blushed tomato twists. Asparagus and crab salad with pixie tangerine dressing; sage bread Bean and lobster chili (White Lobster Chili), with avocado yogurt and charred corn salsa. Beer battered crispy onion rings Chili chicken quesadillas Chipotle pork rib with mango drizzle Escabeche de Pescado. (Escabèche is a dish of fish or meat that has been cooked then marinated and served cold or at room temperature). The citrus and earthy punches of tequila blanco works well with the sweet pickled flavours of the fish. Guacamole Jicama-crab rollitos Light fleshed seafood or prawn marinated in tequila and lime, then grilled with butter and sprinkled with cilantro and salt. Lobster-corn dumplings Marinated lobster tail and scallop pinchos Prawn ceviche or scallop cerviche Red chile enchilada or tamale dishes. Roasted duck breast with grapefruit and chutney, purple potato purée Spicy crab tostitos Sweet & sour pork tempura Tomato-corn gazpacho with avocado

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